Financial investments are now democratised and are increasingly carried out and partly in real estate. Buyers are more and more in buying second homes in idyllic places like the sea or the mountain. So the most attractive option is to buy a cottage, an apartment or a house? In this case, we will see that a chalet has various good points when it is purchased.


A cottage is a good said “typical”. Often adorned with wood, it gives a natural warm effect and a very pleasant mountain aspect. The chalet is anchored in a landscape worthy of a postcard that will pay to your different expectations and will make you quieted when you are there. The decor also plays a lot, depending on your expectations and desires, it can be rustic or even modern story that you feel the most possible at home. A cottage has a certain cachet that the rental homes do not have. Total privacy for intense pleasure, your cottage will become your little piece of paradise. A pleasant view, vegetation in the green surroundings in a beautiful resort such as Haute-Savoie, is what makes this property as an exceptional property.


The luxury chalets in the ski areas are considered to be the height of luxury.

The question to ask when you have the financial means to achieve this is where?

We talk about a substantial investment, a long duration, it is necessary that this purchase meets many criteria. Haute-Savoie has a very interesting profile and is in a good position to respond. Ski lovers, attractions for tranquility, well-being and scenery? This region fits you perfectly. Characterised by its position in relation to Mont-Blanc, it’s pleasant atmosphere, its winter and summer activities, its breathtaking views, this region remains extremely attractive and demanded by customers.


Financing such a good is reflected. It is a major investment that is not to be neglected. Most of the time this purchase is done through a conventional home loan based on a plausible contribution. The price per square meter in Haute-Savoie is not given (count 15 to 20 000 € per meter in general). The fact is that a chalet in the mountains ensures a significant rental return and will allow you to build a real estate heritage. In addition to having a beautiful pied-a-terre, you have the opportunity to ensure a secure investment to fully enjoy your vacation in an idyllic setting.